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Our Vision

Our focus is on the "Zel" in life! Zeleye's goal is to provide a new, innovative way to bring the best of the best of live sports betting directly to you through live video streaming. The only venue where you can experience the emotional excitement with sports betting streamers across the globe.

Remember, it’s not about winning or losing (well sorta) … it’s about Zel-ling!

Our Model

Zeleye is a live video streaming platform design to revolutionize your sports entertainment experience. Our platform provides you the opportunity to watch and learn how sports bettors make their picks through their own personalized live streaming channels. And if you simply want to stream for the fun of it and show some “Zel” in life, have at it. Zeleye welcomes that too! Our goal is to provide a venue for sharing all of life’s range of emotions. For details, visit HowZeleyeWorks.

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